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Defend Sand Tube Series

From the base of the multi-storey sand filtration kits and sets, such as the protection of the components inside. Using high-quality stainless steel materials, multi-layer anti-sand filter sets for the four since, the field is divided into: draft tube (0.5 mm precision CNC Punching board), precision microporous filters 20 * 110 Head microporous filters 40 mesh, precision microporous filters 20 * 110 head , slit-sets from the external protection of precision CNC punching-slit width gap in the range from 0.5 to 1.00 mm, the sand-filtration kits and stainless steel outer protective kits and slit - pipe welding as a whole. A high degree of permeability, and the deformation resistance at the same time have high corrosion resistance characteristics of the formation was unstoppable in the sand filter-slit protection kits, to strengthen the protection of filter sets. After-seam formation fluid into the space within reach Screen sand control purposes.

1, A multi-layer anti-sand filtration kits sand-efficient performance, better able to stop the formation sand to meet the needs of underground sand.
2, the filter pore uniform, high-performance permeability and blockades.
3, filtration area, the flow resistance is small, the high rate of oil
4, the stainless steel excellent corrosion resistance, acid, alkali and salt corrosion, and can adapt to the special requirements of wells, crevice corrosion and will not become bigger.
5, integrated multi-storey structure welding can filter hole stability, and the deformation resistance strong.
, Case can also spiral welded

Material: 304,316,316L stainless steel.
Multi-sand filtration kits and sets under the protection of underground users need to produce.

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